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For many years I have suffered with terrible headaches and migraines every day. Doctors and Neurologists have treated me with no effect. I then came across "Advanced Clinical Massage", and meeting Heather was a blessing. My headaches and migraines are now almost gone, and I have only had 2 mild headaches for a very short time, over a period of 4 weeks. I now have a much better social life, and a wonderful night's sleep, without any pain.
M Sales

Over many years I have suffered from chronic back pain, and searing pain down my left leg. I have endured many appointments at Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and even faith healers, and none of them reduced the pain. I feel very fortunate in meeting Heather, because of her quiet, determined approach, she has now made my pain manageable with her expertise on "Advanced Clinical Massage" and the exercises which she has given me.
W Brown

I contacted Heather shortly after finishing a course of chemotherapy for Lymphoma. I found Heather to be very professional and knowledgeable, and made me feel very relaxed and safe. The treatments I have received have been amazing. I always feel great afterwards, and look forward to my next treatment. I would thoroughly recommend Heather as a Therapist, and I consider her a friend who cares about my wellbeing.
N Davies

I have been receiving "Advanced Clinical Massage" treatments from Heather, and have found them to be very beneficial. Since finishing a course of chemotherapy, after having a mastectomy, I have been left with lower back stiffness, and random aches and pains in my legs. After receiving regular treatments, combined with the daily exercises Heather has given me, they have really helped to relieve the discomfort, and there has also been a noticeable improvement with my posture. I always look forward to my next treatment, and find each session invigorating.
E Aitchison

I first met Heather through the Macmillan Cancer Support Centre. I had recently finished a course of treatment for breast cancer, and had considerable pain in both shoulders. I had been having physiotherapy, but it was of little help. After having my first treatment with Heather, I found that I had more movement in my arms, and therefore I arranged to have further treatments on a weekly basis. As I began to improve, my treatments became less frequent, and as a preventative measure, I now have a treatment once a month, and I look forward to every session.

The improvement over the past six months has been amazing, and I now have full use of both my arms, and thankfully no pain. Throughout my treatment, I have found Heather to be knowledgeable, professional, and supportive. Being pain free has made a massive difference to my life, and has also helped me with the process of moving on in my life. I would definitely recommend Heather to my family and friends.
L Battersby-Vogt

If you would like more information, or help in deciding which therapy would be most beneficial for you, please do not hesitate to contact me on: 07940 333978, or send me an email info@clinicalmassageemsworth.co.uk

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Clinical Massage
Clinical Massage
At Emsworth Therapies we specialise in a range of clinical massage techniques, from amma fusion to trigger point therapy.
Chronic Back Pain
Chronic Back Pain
We are specialists at treating chronic back pain, returning your body to its optimum condition.
Our therapists are experts in the art of reflexology. A treatment using special pressure techniques to your feet.
Emsworth therapies are specialists in helping people who suffer from this condition.